Let’s be honest: wearing a culottes can be a reason for breaking up.

The guys hate her. So for those who want to rub and who love their relationship, better be well informed before adopting. The skirt, THE survivor

Do not ask us why the culottes remain at the top of fashion trends in recent seasons. We, ourselves, have trouble understanding how the most cheesy piece of the century can stay in the lead pack. But it is so. Star of the 20s, she has long been the hated partner of schoolchildren. Neither really pants, nor really skirt, the culottes is both long bermuda and wide cropped trousers. For several seasons, she has offered a mysterious yet glorious comeback where the hybrid piece is queen. The culottes, for whom? Let’s agree: the skirt does not go to everyone. Certainly, it is trend but it is not because she was elected the coolest part of the season that you must throw yourself on a pot of Nutella. The skirt is not seyante. She cups and weighs down the figure. So, the little ones will look twice before plunging headlong into it. Which does not mean that the skirt is reserved for Elle Macpherson. You just have to know how to choose it according to your morphology and wear it according to your style.

The mini-skirt has long (and unfairly) been placed in the “vulgar” box. Yet this essential mode is within the reach of all.
To style your pencil skirt, combine it with trendy pieces: sneakers, leather or suede leather biker jacket, it bag or platform shoes.
With a leather mini skirt, opt for a printed t-shirt and sneakers on the feet. We add an oversize sweater and fine tights in winter.
The mini-skirt is one of those essential fashion that we love summer and winter. What shoes to wear with a mini skirt? How to choose the right model adapted to its style and morphology? Follow all our tips to adopt the mini-skirt (and never leave it)!

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With the summer coming, we only want to show our tanned legs. And for that, nothing better than a pretty skirt well chosen. Well chosen, yes, because all forms of skirt are not suitable for everyone. Trapeze skirt, midi skirt, mini skirt, corolla skirt … Cosmo gives you the right guide to choose your skirt according to its morphology. It is quite difficult to find THE perfect skirt. Yes, yes, the one that suits us very well because it draws our pretty buttocks and sublimates our legs. To be stylish, how to show off with trendy pieces!

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